The Best Intercom Apps and Integrations For Customer Support

05 August 2022

What is Intercom?

Intercom is a leading customer communications platform that supports both you and your customers from initial lead conversion through to engagement and customer service.

Intercom provides a comprehensive product sweet including in app messaging, product tours, surveys and help centres. These tools combine to ensure you stay in touch with customers while keeping track of all communication.

By itself, Intercom can be used for customer support, sales and lead generation as well as marketing. However the real power of this platform comes from their app store which lets you integrate Intercom with your existing tools.

To help you filter through all of the Intercom apps and integrations on offer, we've compiled the below list of our top 10 Intercom apps.

1. Stripe

View Stripe data and manage customer subscriptions.

Stripe provides all the infrastructure you need to make and receive payments. With Stripe, you can integrate once-off payments, subscriptions, invoicing and checkout pages into your website and app.

The Stripe Intercom app makes it easy to manage subscriptions and view customer billing related information from a conversation.

With this app you can:

  • View customer subscription, payment and balance related information from a conversation.
  • Upgrade subscriptions and receive payments.
  • Keep your Stripe and Intercom data in sync.
  • Filter and segment customers based on account balance, subscription plan and more.
Stripe website

2. Feederloop

Instant video calls and screen sharing on your website.

Feederloop lets you have video calls with anyone on your website. There's no need for visitors to leave your website because calls happen in their browser. With voice, video and screen sharing you're able to quickly resolve customer issues, boost sales by reaching out to leads as well as onboard new customers to your app.

The Feederloop Intercom app lets you start a video chat with customers and leads during a conversation. This takes customer engagement to the next level by creating a near in person experience.

With this app you can:

  • Start a screen share session from an Intercom conversation.
  • Start an audio or video chat from an Intercom conversation.
  • Monitor how users interact with your website or app in real time.
Feederloop website

3. Slack

Convert your hottest leads right from Slack.

Slack provides messaging and centralized communication on individual, team and company levels. With audio, video and text based chat along with integrations to your existing tools, Slack serves as a hub for company communication.

The Slack Intercom app routes conversations to slack to ensure you don't miss potential opportunities or queries while visitors are active on your website.

With this app you can:

  • Respond to Intercom conversations in Slack.
  • Create Slack notifications for key activities.
  • Update key qualification details.
Slack website

4. Statuspage

Show customers and teammates your current system status.

Providing online services is complicated often involving a myriad of integrations and dependencies. Statuspage ensures you and your customers know when your services experience downtime.

The Statuspage Intercom app provides real-time updates to the messenger which ensures your customers are aware of critical issues.

With this app you can:

  • Surface critical issues via the Intercom messenger home screen.
  • Allow customers to subscribe to updates via email and text.
  • Team mates can view system status information from their inbox.
  • Team mates can send system status updates in conversations which are updated in real-time.
Statuspage website

5. Twitter

Easily reply to Twitter Direct Messages from your inbox.

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms globally and is a popular means for individuals to interact with companies. With the ability for anyone to publicly mention or direct message your company on Twitter, it's important to have a way to manage and monitor this communication.

The Twitter Intercom app routes direct messages from Twitter to your inbox and allows you to respond from there.

With this app you can:

  • Route Twitter messages to your inbox.
  • Auto-assign messages to the right team or teammate.
  • Add leads or users to Intercom so you can track conversations.
Twitter website

6. Segment

The platform to help companies harness their first-party customer data.

Segment is a centralized customer data platform which allows you to collect and clean customer data from all of your web and mobile apps. With one view for all customer data you're able to better target your marketing and product decisions while ensuring your customers have a unified experience across all your platforms.

The Segment Intercom app provides syncing of data between both platforms.

With this app you can:

  • Pipe data from Segment to Intercom which allows you to message customers based on their behavior.
  • Pull data from Intercom to Segment which allows you to analyze your Intercom data and conversations.
  • Analyze the impact of campaigns.
Segment website

7. Clearbit Reveal

Use Clearbit data to identify, target and route website visitors.

Clearbit Reveal tells you which companies browse your website and the actions they take so you can engage with them. By understanding who the companies are behind your anonymous website visitors, you're able to qualify leads and personalize experiences.

The Clearbit Reveal Intercom app allows you to convert more leads by identifying website visitors as soon as they land on your website.

With this app you can:

  • Access Clearbit visitor data in Intercom such as industry, company location, tech stack and more.
  • Focus your time on the most promising leads by leveraging Clearbit data.
  • Segment and filter leads to personalize communication.
Clearbit website

8. GitHub

Create GitHub issues from Intercom, and be notified when they close.

GitHub is one of the largest developer platforms in the world. They provide everything needed to ship great software with tools for collaboration, deployment, CI/CD, documentation, hosting and more.

The GitHub Intercom app allows you to create GitHub issues straight from a customer conversation and then keep them in sync automatically. This ensures your support and development teams work together in resolving customer reported issues.

With this app you can:

  • Create GitHub issues from an Intercom conversation.
  • Keep Intercom conversations and GitHub issues in sync.
GitHub website

9. Canny

Capture feedback from people in Messenger.

Canny allows customers and team mates to provide feedback and suggestions on your product. The feedback is used to inform decisions, prioritize development and announce releases. Suggestions can also be voted on and scored which further informs your roadmap.

The Canny Intercom app lets customers make suggestions from conversations, vote on existing suggestions and track their progress. This provides customers with a seamless way of letting you know what's important to them while centralizing, tracking and prioritizing those suggestions in Canny.

With this app you can:

  • Track feedback given in Intercom conversations.
  • Vote on existing suggestions from the Intercom messenger.
  • Automatically notify customers when feature suggestions have been implemented.
Canny website

10. Outlook Calendar

Seamlessly book meetings with leads and customers.

Microsoft Outlook remains one of the most widely used calendar tools for businesses with integrations throughout the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond.

The Outlook Intercom app allows customers and leads to schedule meetings with you from a conversation. This provides a seamless way of scheduling product demos or customer engagement sessions with sales and support teams.

With this app you can:

  • Automatically book meetings from a conversation.
  • Qualify leads and schedule meetings via bots.
  • Share a pesonalized public calendar link.
Outlook calendar website


Running a company involves a multitude of tools. Being forced to jump between different tools without having a unified set of functionality or view of your customer can be inefficient and frustrating. This is why it's important to integrate your tools wherever possible.

The Intercom app store provides integrations with all your existing tools resulting in one cohesive experience not only for your staff but also for your customers.

Intercom provides some of the best apps and integrations to boost your productivity. From Feederloop which provides instant video chat and screen sharing through to Slack which routes Intercom conversations to Slack, the Intercom app store super charges an already powerful communications platform.