How Screen Sharing Solves Customer Support Problems

04 February 2022

How many of us have called in to customer support, and just can’t get the help we need? If you’ve ever been in this position, you know how frustrating it can be.

Of course, sometimes this is due to a lack of clarity on your part when explaining the problem. However, even when your explanation is crystal clear, the customer support agent might not be able to visualize the problem. Either way, screen sharing helps solve both of these problems and brings businesses closer to their customers online.

Many companies are taking customer service to the next level when it comes to engaging with customers through visual communication. This could be done by way of dedicated screen-sharing platforms such as Feederloop, which enable you to step into your customer’s shoes easily and quickly.

Let’s take a look at some benefits to using screen sharing in your customer support.

Real-Time Problem Solving

One of the greatest benefits of screen sharing in customer support is simply how easy it is to provide real time solutions. You can skip all the potential miscommunication and get straight to the problem. It’s also great for your customers who are technologically challenged.

While your customer support team may be giving what they think to be simple instructions for solving the problem, a customer who doesn’t know much about computers, software, or the internet may have trouble navigating their commands.

Screen sharing eliminates the possibility of miscommunication and solves problems quickly and efficiently.


Customers love speed. They want things done quickly, and they don't want to be bothered with unnecessary steps or having to wait too long for an issue to be resolved.

Screen sharing is a powerful tool that businesses can use to provide fast support to customers, and fast customer support benefits your business in several ways. Here are some of the ways you’ll save money when you use screen sharing.

First, call resolution will improve significantly, as your agents will be able to quickly help your customers with an issue and provide visual, step by step instructions to their problem. Also, arranging call backs will become increasingly unnecessary. This will not only ease up your phone lines but also increase customer satisfaction. Time is money, so as you save your customer support team time, your business will be saving money.


When your team needs to deal with complex technical issues, screen sharing is an ideal solution. It allows your agents to easily view the customer's device and guide them through to a solution. Phone calls and emails are often long and complicated, with agents trying their best to identify specific problems and communicate a solution that is understandable to customers.

Historically, when a customer called in with a question or issue, they would be connected to an agent who would send them screenshots of their PC. This approach can be time-consuming and require the agent to go through several different steps to resolve the issue.

When customers are transferred to a new agent or need assistance again later, this information is often not available, so the process has to be repeated from the beginning. Not only does this create a poor customer experience by making them repeat their issues over and over, it also results in wasted time for agents and poor customer satisfaction.

This problem can be addressed with screen sharing software. Because of screen sharing, your customer support team will be able to easily share their screen or see their customer’s screen, thus allowing them to visually solve the problem they're encountering step by step. There's no need for your customer support agents to send a bunch of screenshots to explain a problem! Instead, screen sharing software allows businesses to get rid of these unnecessary steps and make their processes more efficient.

In addition, if your business is selling software, then you know that when working with a client, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to describe the software and its setup in detail. It’s not only convenient for the agent, but also for the customer who may be struggling to keep up with what the agent is saying, to incorporate screen sharing. Screen sharing can fix the problem by easily showing your client exactly how to set it up rather than spending time explaining it in detail.

Increased Customer Engagement

In this increasingly digital world, people are becoming accustomed to seeing more than just words on a screen. In fact, studies have shown that people understand you better when they can not only hear what you say but can also see what you’re instructing them to do.

Through using visual aids such as screen sharing, you’re adding visualization to your customer’s experience and making this an easy and engaging process for your customers.

However, not only do your customers benefit from this, your businesses can use this feature to help your agents learn more about the type of software or applications that the business uses. This way, agents are better prepared to handle all sorts of customer support issues.

Long-Lasting Solutions

Using screen sharing provides long-lasting solutions to your customers. Because a customer is much more likely to remember how to do something if they’ve seen how it’s done, they will be able to solve a similar problem they’re having in the future on their own.

Customers generally don’t want to contact customer support. It usually entails waiting on the phone before getting an available customer support agent to respond. Chat options share the same problem. Screen sharing allows customers to see the solutions they’re looking for and remember them for the future.

Through the use of screen sharing in your customer support teams, you’re able to decrease the amount of repeat calls coming in and allow them to focus on new, more challenging problems.


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