Users can now leave you a voice message on your website

01 December 2021

We're excited to announce that Feederloop now gives your users the ability to leave you a voice message straight from your website.

Up until now Feederloop focused on enabling real time audio and screen share calls launched straight from your website. With the new "record a message" option, users also have the option to record an audio message instead of starting a real time call.

With user submitted recordings, you'll be in a position to address queries far more effectively than relying on back and forth emails or text chats. You'll also give your users a quick and easy way to get in touch when you don't have any agents online.

We've already seen how live audio and video calls reduce issue resolution times compared to relying on back and forth emails or chat. Now your users will not only benefit from this in real time straight from your website but also asynchronously via the "record a message" option.

Empowering small companies who don't have a large support team

While allowing users to call you from your website improves customer support and shortens onboarding times, this isn't always practical for smaller companies. If you're in a small company you might not have the resources to accept real time incoming calls from your website.

With the new "record a message" option, companies of any size can benefit from incorporating audio and video into their support process. As you scale up your support or customer success teams, you'll have the option to enable Feederloop's real time call functionality.

Go beyond email and text support after hours

Allowing users to have real time audio and screen share calls with you during office hours levels up your support and customer success. But what about after hours when your agents are offline?

Instead of only allowing users to email you or leave a chat message after hours, now they can leave a voice message for you 24/7.

Add audio and screen sharing to your website

The "record a message" option is now available to all Feederloop customers in addition to real time calls.

By navigating to the "Recordings" section within the dashboard, agents have access to user submitted recordings specific to the sites and teams they've been assigned to.

We're excited to launch this new feature allowing you to provide both real time and asynchronous audio / video support for your users. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new "record a message" feature, please get in touch.