Proactively call visitors on your website

14 November 2021

Feederloop now gives you the ability to initiate video calls with anyone on your website. This is great for cold outreach to prospective customers and proactive customer support.

While watching a visitors session, initiating a call means you have the ability to speak to potential customers while they're engaged and interested. Rather than letting potential leads leave your website with unanswered questions, start a video call with them to grow your sales funnel.

Cold call prospective customers

Visitors who are interested in your product will often remain on your site for a significant amount of time while browsing through pricing pages, service offerings and generally gleaning the information they need to determine if your product or service will be a good fit.

Now you have the ability to identify these potential leads and reach out proactively with a call request directly through your website. There's no need for the visitor to leave your website, they simply accept the incoming call request in their browser. You'll be connected to a voice, video and screen share call in real time.

Proactive customer support

Why wait for customers to reach out to you with questions when you can surprise and delight them with proactive customer support.

Often website visitors leave with unanswered questions or a feeling of frustration having not been able to complete something in your SaaS app. Now with the ability to initiate calls through your website, you can assist these visitors before they leave.

Helping customers through voice, video and screen sharing without them ever leaving your website is an evolution in customer support. Increase customer life time value through proactive customer support.

Get started with cold calling

To initiate a call with anyone on your website, you'll first make your way to the call center within the Feederloop dashboard. From there you'll click the Watch Session button of anyone currently on your site.

While watching a visitor session, you'll have the option to request a call with them. The Feederloop widget will prompt the visitor to accept or decline the incoming call.

That's it, you'll be connected to a real time video call with your customers and potential leads without them ever leaving your website and without them needing to reach out to you first.