Session Replay Announcement

02 September 2022

We're excited to announce that session replays are now available in Feederloop. With this new feature, your support, development and product teams will have all the context they need to understand issues, reproduce bugs and improve your product.

What Are Session Replays?

Session replays are exact recordings of all actions taken by users on your website or app which can be replayed later as a video.

While traditional website analytics tools provide raw stats such as page visits, bounce rates and time on page, session replays allow you to watch a video-like recreation of exactly what happened on your site.

A session replay records every action performed on your website including mouse clicks, scrolling, page visits and much more. These actions can then be replayed to produce a video-like representation of a user's experience on your website.

Because session replays record the actual events performed by your users, rich data and insight such as console logs and javascript errors can be extracted from recordings over and above simply watching the play back.

Session Replay vs Screen Recording

Session replay and screen recording are not the same thing. While the difference between these two may be subtle, session replays are vastly superior when used in customer support and bug resolution contexts.

Screen recordings are videos of a users screen. Imagine someone held up a video camera and recorded your screen over your shoulder while you used a website. This would be similar to the general concept of a screen recording.

Session replays on the other hand are exact logs of the actions taken by users on your website or app. These include everything from mouse clicks and page visits through to console logs and javascript errors.

When a session replay is watched, it feels similar to watching a video however you're able to extract rich information about exactly what happened behind the scenes during the session. This information can be used for analytics, product development or to reproduce bugs.

Session Replays For Customer Support

Session replays give customer support agents the context they need to help customers quickly. By watching replays of customer sessions, support agents have a much better understanding of user issues compared to simple screen shots or reading through support tickets.

A large part of the difficulty for customer support agents is understanding the issues customers are having. Often support tickets are incomplete with ambiguous or unclear descriptions. Having access to session replays provides all the context which support agents need to ultimately reduces time to resolution.

Session Replays For Product Teams

Session replays are helpful not only for bug resolution but also for UI/UX and product development.

When bugs occur on your website or app, session replays provide software engineers with all the context they need to firstly understand the issue and secondly reproduce it. This reduces the time it takes to roll out fixes.

Giving UI/UX and product teams access to session replays lets them analyze user journeys, eliminate pain points and optimize usage. By watching how real customers use your website or app, you're able to identify usage patterns to improve your product.


Learn more about Feederloop session replays here or get started with a free trial to start empowering product and support teams.