Watch visitors browse your website

05 January 2022

Feederloop is excited to announce that you can now watch visitors engaging on your website in real time.

By connecting to a visitor's session, a screen share feed will start from the their browser. The screen share feed allows you to see every mouse move, every button click and every action taken on your website as if you were watching a video.

When you end the session, you'll have the option to save a session replay which can't be watched again later.

Understand your customers by watching their behaviour

The more you understand how visitors behave on your site, the more you'll be able to optimize for usability, time on site and customer acquisition.

Watching how people navigate through your website, where they spend the most time and where they drop off gives you a tremendous level of insight into how your website is being used.

Try it out now

To watch any user on your site, open the call centre within Feederloop. You'll see a list of all users currently on your site.

Simply click the Watch Session button next to any user which will start a screen share feed between yourself and the selected user.

Rest assured, you will only be able to see your own website with zero visibility of anything else on the users screen.