Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not covered in the below FAQ's, please refer to the Knowledge Base or contact us directly.

My company manages multiple websites, can I use Feederloop on all of them?

Yes you can. The Pro Plan allows you to use Feederloop on multiple websites.

The Business Plan is limited to three websites.

The Free Plan is limited to one website.

Do I have to use a separate chat tool like Intercom, Drift or LiveAgent?

No this is optional.

Feederloop can be integrated with most of the major chat platforms or used as a completely stand alone tool.

Is it possible to leave a voice message instead of speaking to an agent?

Yes it is. If there are no agents available, visitors will have the option to leave a voice message.

Can I watch visitors browsing my website in real time?

Yes you can. You can watch any user on your website. Think of it like anonymous screen sharing.

While watching a user browse your site, you can optionally initiate a video call with them which they can answer directly in their browser.

Does Feederloop work across page loads?

Yes it does. Users will remain on the call when navigating to different pages.

You don't have to worry about being bumped off a call if a user clicks a link.

What is the difference between an agent and a user?

Agents can make and receive calls or access voice messages. Subscriptions are billed based on the number of agents you have.

A user is someone who can log in to your account who is not necessarily an agent. You can add as many users to your account for free as you wish. Users can be assigned specific permissions allowing them to manage teams, users, billing and integrations

What is website isolation?

When you create a team you're able to assign agents and websites to that team. All activity on those websites will only be visibile to members of the team.

In other words all calls, session replays, messages and any other activity will be isolated to members of the team.

This is useful for agencies or companies managing multiple websites (or sub domains). By using teams, agents can be assigned to specific websites.

Do my agents, customers or end users have to download any software to use Feederloop?

Feederloop doesn't require anything to be downloaded. The widget is added by pasting a single script tag to your website.

Once the widget is on your website, all calls happen directly in the browser.

What if an end user tries to call us when there are no agents available?

If there are no agents available, visitors will have the option to leave a voice message.

Agents can access voice messages in the dashboard.