Call Routing

Ensure incoming calls reach the right agents for faster resolution times

Increase first line resolution

Route specific calls to sales staff

Incoming Call

Feederloop gives you the ability to group agents into teams who focus on calls originating from specific parts of your website.

Depending on the size of your business, you might have different product offerings. Assigning agents to specific areas of your website ensures customer queries reach the people most knowledgeable in those areas.

Call routing results in faster resolution times, improved agent productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Increase first line resolution with call routing.

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Increase Inbound Sales

Create a sales team who is able to accept certain calls.

By routing calls from visitors on key pricing and product pages, sales staff can turn queries into sales.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Calls initiated from specific product pages are likely to have queries related to those products.

Routing calls to agents knowledgeable on those products ensures queries are answered quickly by the right agents.

Raise Productivity

By routing calls to specific teams of agents, you inevitably increase productivity.

Agents are in a position to deal with queries that they're most knowledgeable on.