Click, navigate and type with your customers while they're on your website.

Help resolve complex issues with co-browsing

Guide customers in their browser

Co-browsing allows you to click, navigate and type directly in the customer's browser as if you were sitting right next to them.

Co-browsing is ideal for resolving complex customer support issues, onboarding new customers to your web app or performing interactive sales demos.

The customer doesn't need any extra software or downloads. Everything happens directly on your website.

For more on co-browsing, here's a deep dive into what is co-browsing and how can it benefit your business .

Create an incredible support and sales experience with co-browsing and video chat.

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Faster Issue Resolution

How many times have your support agents asked, "Did you click the button?" or "What do you see now?"

Co-browsing allows your agents to interact with your website directly in the customer's browser which results in faster issue resolution.

Incredible Onboarding

Instead of simply hoping that new customers will understand your product, guide them interactively with co-browsing.

Thanks to co-browsing, your customers (or internal staff) will know exactly how your product works and will start getting value from it straight away.

Interactive Sales Demos

Boring sales demo's where prospects simply watch you use your product leaves a lot to be desired.

Co-browsing allows for interactive sales demos where prospects can experience your product first hand while you show them around.