Screen Sharing

Understand your visitors better by watching as they browse your website

Learn from user behavior

Optimize site experience based on real visitor usage

Screen Sharing

Watch visitors as they browse your website in real-time.

Observing visitors as they browse your site gives you the chance to learn from real usage patterns. Understanding how visitors navigate through your site, where they spend their time and where they run into stumbling blocks gives you incredible insight into areas for improvement.

While observing visitors gives you the opportunity to discover bugs and make user journey or UX improvements, Feederloop also gives you the chance to call anyone on your site.

Understand user behavior with real-time session replay.

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Improve your conversion rate

Your conversion rate is key to customer growth. Watching how visitors use your site gives you the insight needed to improve this key metric.

Discover bugs

Users often run into bugs you were unaware of. These bugs might go unreported resulting in countless users having the same issue.

Real-time screen sharing helps you discover bugs as they happen, giving you the opportunity to fix them early.

Conversion rate optimization

By understanding how visitors use your site, where they drop off and where they spend the most time, you're able to optimize your conversion rate.

Instead of blindly making changes to your site, use real visitor behaviour as your guide.

Give context to your analytics

While Google Analytics and similar tools give you countless statistics, they lack context.

Not only is it important to identify drop off points, it's important to know why. Screen sharing gives you the why.