Session Replay

Record and replay customer sessions to understand behavior and resolve issues.

Understand exactly how customers use your site

Video replay of customer issues

Screen Sharing

Having access to video replays of customer sessions means your team has the context they need to resolve issues and make product enhancement decisions.

Session replays can be shared with collegues and replayed on demand. This improves communication between customer service, software engineering and product teams.

With session replays, your developers are able to recreate bugs and your product team can identify pain points and areas for improvement.

Record customers using your website with on demand session replay.

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Understand how your product is used

Combine real-time screen sharing with session replays to gain an unmatched level of insight into how your app is used in the wild.

Cross Team Communication

Share replays between teams to provide the context they need.

Session replays eliminate confusion between support, product and development teams.

Reproduce Bugs

Developers are able to watch session replays to understand bugs as they occur in the wild.

No need for screenshots. Session replays result in faster troubleshooting and bug resolution.

Inform Product Decisions

Session replays give you video-like recordings from customers on your site.

Follow customer journey's through your site to identify usage patterns and inform product decisions.