Create incredible customer experiences with video chat and screen sharing straight from Intercom.

Instantly start a video call with anyone on your website.

Add Feederloop to your website as a stand alone solution or integrate it with your existing Intercom service.

Start a call from an Intercom conversation

While chatting with a customer in Intercom, start an audio or video call with them.

Create a more personal experience with your customers and prospects.

Nurture leads, assist with support queries and onboard new customers by providing a seamless audio-visual experience.

Intercom Conversation
Intercom Conversation

See the customer's screen

Go from an Intercom conversation to watching their screen.

Being able to see a customer's screen while assisting with onboarding flows or support queries takes you to a whole new level.

No more confusion between support agents and customers.

Visit the Intercom App Store to connect Feederloop with your Intercom account.