Customer Support

Improve customer support with screen sharing, video calls and real time user monitoring.

Go beyond email and text chat

Keep users happy and on your site longer

Online customer support in the old days meant sending an email and hoping to hear back in a few days.

Over time response times reduced with the help of live text chat. User engagement increased and simple questions got answered quickly.

But we still end up with complex support queries frustrating customers and staff. Communicating over text alone just isn't enough.

Feederloop goes further by allowing support staff to proactively watch user behaviour on your site and initiate a video call when help is needed.

Alternatively, anyone on your site can initiate a call with you straight from your website.

Level up with real time audio visual customer support

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See what your customer sees

Let users initiate calls with you straight from your website or proactively reach out to them when they need help.

Increase First Line Resolution

By allowing users to show you what they're struggling with, queries are resolved quickly.

Follow up calls are reduced when queries can be answered thoroughly the first time.

Avoid Confusion

Email and chat support isn't suited to complex queries or back and forth communication.

Speaking to your users and seeing what they see increases your ability to answer questions quickly and clearly.

Seamless Support

Connecting with users over the phone or email is less than ideal. That switch in context can lead to lost customers.

Seamless support means ensuring your users stay on your site while getting the help they need instantly.