User Onboarding

Ensure new customers using your service have a smooth onboarding experience.

Keep new users engaged

Guide customers through your website

User onboarding often involves pre-made tooltips, popups, videos and guides.

While this is a good start, Feederloop goes further by enabling video and screen share calls straight from your website.

This means support agents can guide users through your service to ensure they get the most out of it.

Ensuring your users understand how to use your service and are getting value out of it is critical to lasting customer success.

Level up with real time audio visual user onboarding

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See what your customer sees

Let users initiate calls with you straight from your website. Ensure they get up and running with your product quickly and easily.

Onboarding On Demand

Give your users the next best thing to an in person onboarding concierge service.

Let new users call you straight from your website so your support agents can onboard them successfully.

Reduce Time to Value

The quicker it takes new users to understand and experience value from your product, the greater the chance they'll become a paying customer.

Optimize this stage by providing a real time audio visual onboarding experience.

Avoid Confusion

Instead of leaving new customers confused and frustrated, let them call you and share their screen.

Providing this human touch to onboarding can be pivotal to long term customer success.