Instant Video Chat On Your Website.

Create incredible customer service experiences and boost sales by adding live video calls, co-browsing and session replays to your website.

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Give your customers the best service possible

Create a near in person experience

It's like you're sitting right next to your customers. Being able to speak to anyone on your website is a game changer.

Leanne Crossgrove - CX Consultant

Boost Sales

Cold call prospects at key points of conversion or let customers call you with sales queries.

From E-Commerce and SaaS through to online services - providing seamless audio and video calls on your website lets you nurture leads and grow sales.

Shorten Query Resolution Times

Complex support queries require more than email and text chat.

Being able to see your customers screen and speak to them while they're using your web app dramatically increases first call resolution.

Better Onboarding

Increase trial to paid conversion rates by onboarding new customers to your web app over a video call while watching their screen.

Customers get up and running fast and get value from your product in minutes.

Feature Breakdown

Here's how we help you boost your CSAT and NPS scores while reducing your MTTI and MTTR

Outbound Video Chat

Proactively call anyone on your website. Engage prospects at key points of conversion.

Inbound Video Chat

Accept inbound calls from customers. Take your support and sales teams to a new level.


Click, type and navigate with customers in their browser. Everything you need to help guide customers or resolve queries.

Session Replays

Review historical user activity to improve UI/UX and understand usage patterns. Replays also empower developers so they can reproduce and resolve bugs.


Analytics provide insights such as call duration, inbound vs outbound and call activity.

Message Service

When agents are unavailable, users have the option to leave a voice message. Proactively call users back when they're online or email them.

Privacy First

All text input fields are masked by default which means there's no risk of ever seeing private information. Custom privacy settings are available to customize this behavior.


Feederloop can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with your existing tools and workflows.

Team Management

Perfect for small companies with one website or agencies and large companies managing multiple web apps and sites.


Seamless audio, video and co-browsing with anyone on your website takes customer engagement to a new level.


Analytics and session replays help resolve issues and implement product improvements.

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Save time and delight your customers.

Connect instantly without lengthy emails or text chat.

Helping users with issues or complicated onboarding flows is time consuming. There's often back and forth emails, text chat and confusion.

Users don't want to wait for help or be told to download third party screen sharing and video chat software.

Feederloop not only allows users to speak to you directly from your website, you'll also see their screen.

Give your customers a voice. Literally.

Real time voice, video and screen sharing allows anyone on your website to get help when they need it most.
When you're not available, users can leave a voice message. This ensures visitors are always able to connect with you.
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Drive growth with audio-visual support

Supporting users with screen sharing, video calls and real time user monitoring increases conversions, decreases confusion and saves time.

Go Beyond Text Chat

Chat widgets only go so far. Providing complete audio-visual support levels up your game.

Improve Onboarding

Ensure customers know how to use your product without getting stuck half way through.

Increase Sales

Cold call interested prospects on your website to increase conversions.

Stand Alone

Add Feederloop to any website with a single script tag.

Using an existing live chat platform?

Level up by integrating Feederloop with your existing tools.

Level up your support

Give your customers an instant, seamless support experience

Gone are the times when customers were happy to wait days to hear back from support. If visitors are confused on your website they're more likely not to return.

While chat widgets reduce customer support turn around times, there's a limit to how useful they can be for complex questions, onboarding issues or sales queries.

There is simply no faster way to help a user than to speak to them and see their screen. Feederloop makes this easy by bringing screen sharing, video calls and real time user monitoring to your website.

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